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Rates and Payment

Full-time Child Care tuition Covers up to 45 hours per child.  Hrs Over 45 will be charged  $10/hr


Full-Time Child Care Infants:                      4 weeks - 12 months old                  $220/week​

Full-Time Childcare  Toddles:                     12 months - 2yrs                                  $220/week

Full-Time Child Care:                                    Potty Training                                       $220/week


*Children not yet potty trained at age three will remain in the Two's or Two/Threes class, and at the $205/wk Rate.

Full-Time Child Care with Preschool:                         3 - 4 years old                                  $210/week

Full-Time Child Care with Pre-Kindergarten:          4 - 5 years old                                 $210/week

Drop - in                                                                                     $50/ Day    (limited space, and depends on availability)                                                                   

School Age Summer Program                                          $210/week      


*Childcare rates are subject to annual increase. 


A  non-refundable Registration Fee of $150 is required at the time of enrollment.  Full time is five full days per week. Tuition prices include meals, snacks and special programs like music, Science, children’s chapel and other fun activities.  Regular scheduled closed Holidays still require regular tuition rates, as well as snow day closings.  We do not offer Holiday, vacation, or sick leave.   Parents are responsible to pay for their child’s regularly scheduled days regardless of whether or not they are in attendance (i.e., out ill or on vacation)  

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