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Parent Policy Packet for:



Welcome to Our Little Treasures Daycare and Preschool LLC!  Our Little Treasures is a Christ-centered childcare program offering children from six weeks to twelve years of age full-Time care in a safe and healthy environment. We are located downtown in the heart of Rapid City. Our program provides a full care day of fun that integrates both age appropriate preschool curriculum along with opportunities for gross and fine motor growth, sensory exploration, field trips, and outdoor play. Also included in our tuition are educational specials.  Please read on to discover all about our program and policies! 


Our Little Treasures  is open from 6:40 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We observe religious holidays and national holidays such as Labor Day.  Closing dates are always indicated on our website, and also a posted notice usually by our check in/out station.  As a general rule, our center remains open when schools close due to in-service days, and vacation days (unless in coordination with a holiday). 

In the case of inclement weather, if the schools are closed, we are closed as well



The center will be closed on the following holidays:   

--New Year’s Day

--Presidents Day

-- Spring Professional Development Day (TBD)

 --Good Friday and the Monday after Easter.

--Memorial Day 

--July 4 

--Labor Day 

--Columbus Day

--Halloween  (OPEN, but Close EARLY by 5pm)

--Veterans Day

--Thanksgiving and the Friday after 

--Christmas Break  (Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day + two or three days give or take, and depending on when Christmas falls) 

--New Years Eve (OPEN, but Close EARLY by 5pm)



Our Little Treasure's Daycare and Preschools vision is to enrich family and community through early education. At Our Little Treasure's our mission is to provide quality care and early education in a safe and supportive Christian environment where young children are able to grow in body, mind, and spirit.

As a Christian childcare center, we wish to exemplify our love for Christ in our daily lives by

  1. Showing love and understanding for those with whom we come in contact.

  2. Supporting the work of the child care, and the staff.

  3. Supporting the goals, principles, and philosophy of education of Our Little Treasure's as well as its programs and administration.

 In a Christian environment, Our Little Treasures Daycare and Preschool seeks to stimulate the growth of children in these five areas of childhood development: 

Spiritually: to foster the development of Christian values by experiencing God's love in bible stories, prayer and music.

Socially:  to facilitate the development of relationships characterized by caring, sharing and trust.

Emotionally: to encourage a positive self-image, recognition of feelings and the learning of self-control.

 Intellectually:  to stimulate growth and critical thinking in all age-appropriate academic subjects, maintaining a noncompetitive, fun-filled setting.

Physically:  to promote healthy eating and exercise habits, and to enhance the learning of age appropriate developmental tasks and self-care.  To incorporate sensory exploration and sensory comfort.    



To enroll at Our Little Treasures, parents must first pay the registration fee and complete an enrollment application.  If classroom enrollment is full, then the application may be dated and filed in our wait list.  Filing an enrollment application for the wait list does not guarantee admission nor does it bind the applicant in any way financially.  Enrollment at Our Little Treasures Daycare and Preschool is non-discriminatory and without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national origin or disability. We enroll children that are six weeks to twelve years old.  Considerations for admission are based on date of enrollment, availability in the appropriate classroom and our ability to meet a child’s needs. Please see our tuition and payment section below for more information regarding rates, registration fees and tuition payment. 



All necessary forms must be completed in entirety (including enrollment form and policies contract, current immunizations or waivers and the child’s health Information Record) and turned in along with registration fee for enrollment.  Once paperwork is complete, at least two weeks will be required to process information so that attendance may begin. Parents will be required to review childcare contracts, enrollment paperwork and center policies annually. 


 Withdrawal and Disenrollment                                                                                                                                                              

Parents must notify (preferably in writing with a date given for last day in care) the Childcare Director two weeks before withdrawing a child from the program. A two-week tuition fee will be applied to the final bill. This charge applies whether or not the child attends after the notification of withdrawal. 

The director and teacher reserve the right to deny or terminate enrollment of any child if it becomes apparent that a child's needs are not consistent with the childcare program. Termination could result if a child engages in behavior that repeatedly presents a risk of harm to self or others. This includes biting, aggressive or disruptive behavior.  


Rates and Payment

Full-time Child Care tuition Covers up to 45 hours per child.  Hrs Over 45 will be charged  $10/hr


Full-Time Childcare Infants:                      4 weeks - 12 months old                  $230/week​

Full-Time Childcare Toddles:                     12 months - 2yrs                                  $230/week

Full-Time Childcare with Preschool:                         3 - 4 years old                                  $215/week

Full-Time Childcare with Pre-Kindergarten:          4 - 5 years old                                 $215/week


*Childcare rates are subject to annual increase. 


A  non-refundable Registration Fee of $150 is required at the time of enrollment.  Full time is five full days per week. Tuition prices include meals, snacks and special programs like music, Science, children’s chapel and other fun activities.  Regular scheduled closed Holidays still require regular tuition rates, as well as snow day closings.  We do not offer Holiday, vacation, or sick leave.   ir child’s regularly scheduled days regardless of whether or not they are in attendance (i.e., out ill or on vacation)  

Paying Tuition

Our Little Treasures is able to accept payment by automatic ACH withdraw, credit card, or childcare assistance. Families are billed weekly on Monday.  If a payment becomes delinquent at any time, the child or children in question may be disenrolled without written notice until the balance is paid in full.  If payment is chronically delinquent or not promptly paid in full, student(s) will be disenrolled without written notice.  A charge will be added to accounts for any returned payment, in the amount of $25.00 per returned payment. A late fee of $5.00 may be applied to an account for each day the payment is not rendered on first day attendance for the week.  


  Age Guidelines

 Children may be enrolled into classrooms with available space under the following age requirements: 

 INFANTS: 6 weeks of age through walking and climbing

 TODDLER Ones: Children walking/climbing – 24 months

 TWOS: Children 24 months – 36 months

TWO/THREE Class: older twos and younger threes working on potty training and working on social skills and preschool readiness.

 THREES: Children turning three by September 1st of enrollment year.  Must be potty trained.

 FOURS & FIVES: Children turning four by September 1st of enrollment year, and Children age five not yet  going to school outside of Our Little Treasures   Daycare and Preschool.

 SCHOOL AGE: Children who are currently enrolled in school. 



For your child's comfort and safety, your child must be escorted into the classroom by an adult, and not dropped off at any other place inside or outside the building.  Until staff physically recognizes anyone responsible for picking up a student (including a parent or guardian) they will be asked for proper picture identification. Please bring identification with you when arriving to pick up your child(ren).   

Your child must be signed in and out when arriving or departing, daily.   If children are not located in classroom upon arrival or departure, please find someone responsible for working with Our Little Treasures.  Children may be located in another classroom, or at one of our outdoor locations. Parents are responsible for transporting their child(ren) to the class’s designated location at time of drop off.  

Parents who routinely drop off mid-day will want to consider observing changes in the daily schedule closely on the calendar so that any changes (field trips, special events) can be accounted for when dropping off.  


PLEASE remember we need to know no later than 9:30am if your child will be in attendance so that we can properly prepare activities and LUNCH.


PLEASE END your cell phone conversation when dropping off or picking up your child. Pickup is an essential time for teachers to relay pertinent information to you regarding your child(ren), who will be anxious to interact with you at the end of the school day. All children who are in the care of their parent or guardian while on the premises, especially in the parking lot and adjacent streets, must be supervised by an adult.  Please do not leave your children unattended in your car for any length of time when arriving at our center. 

Our Little Treasures requires parental notification either by phone or written note of anyone other than a parent or guardian who will be picking up a student, even if that person is listed on the Child Information Record. Individuals picking children up MUST be listed on the Child Information Record for each individual child (this includes any instances of siblings). Long term pickup arrangements may be made in a situation where child(ren) will consistently be dropped off or picked up by someone other than a guardian.


STEPS FOR A CHANGE IN WHO WILL PICK YOUR CHILD UP  (All steps are necessary for your child to be released to an individual other than a parent or legal guardian.)

1) Make sure to list the individual who will be picking up on each student’s Child Information Record. You MUST list this person on the card for them to be legally released while in our care.

2) Inform the communication line. Request a new form to add additional safe pick ups.

3) Inform the individual picking up to bring their picture I.D., so that any staff may check it if needed.




Our Little Treasures Daycare and Preschool is open from 6:40 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  Parents or guardians who arrive late for pickup will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute of lateness in pickup.  This late fee will be PER CHILD.  Repeated lateness or failure to pay these charges may be grounds for dis-enrollment.  



Parents or guardians will provide written notice to the staff one week in advance of any changes in children’s scheduled days and times of attendance. Any schedule changes need to be made with the lead teacher or director in written form, emailed, or communicated by phone.  



Parents or guardians are responsible for fixing, paying for, or replacing any equipment that their child willfully and purposely damages.  



Our Little Treasures Daycare and Preschool trains employees and children routinely to prepare for crises and emergencies.  Procedures for fire, tornado, injuries and other natural disasters are posted throughout the center and included in our emergency procedures manual. Some procedures, such as those for an intruder or bomb threat, are confidential but thoroughly provide the necessary steps to keep children safe in the event of an emergency. 



In the event of a center wide closing, emergency situation or crisis, parents and guardians are informed of emergency information by one or more of the following methods, in the order listed: by mass text  and email, or phone call. 


REUNITING FAMILIES AFTER CRISIS OR SECONDARY EMERGENCY LOCATIONS   In the event that children and staff are unable, for any reason, to return to safety inside the building after an emergency, or if our location is deemed unfit due to any circumstances, all students and teachers will go to one or more of the Secondary Emergency Locations.



Any students in our care will have their individual needs considered when we are proceeding with the following emergency steps as it applies to their individual care plan, developed upon enrollment. Staff members will ensure that students with disabilities receive proper notification of an alarm or warning (for example, a child that is deaf will be visually alerted to a fire alarm). It will be ensured that methods of egress and emergency locations accommodate those with physical disabilities, such as a child using a wheelchair.   



Employees are required to familiarize themselves with the Detailed procedures of how to handle injuries.  All employees are required to be first aid/CPR certified. Employees always use universal precautions when handling bio-hazardous materials.               



Upon enrollment, a  release from liability and medical treatment must be signed (as outlined in the policies contract within the enrollment form) that absolves Our Little Treasures Daycare and Preschool LLC, and all of its personnel, from all financial responsibility in case of accident or injury to any child(ren).  Additionally, the release grants Our Little Treasures permission to secure emergency medical and/or emergency surgical treatment for your child(ren) in our care in the event that parents cannot be contacted immediately.   



Child Information Records must be kept current for every child enrolled. Parents must update any contact information by phoning, emailing or submitting written notice to the director.  The center must be notified regarding any changes in address, phone numbers and persons to be added to, or removed from, the Child Information Record.  Parents are required to review child information records and enrollment documents annually.  Our Little Treasures cannot release children to individuals NOT listed on the Child Information Record as explained in our arrival and departure policy.  



Parents are welcome to visit any time. All visitors must notify the Communication Line and/or Director upon arrival and departure. For everyone's protection, visitors are not allowed to participate in any activities without a staff member present, and prior approval.



Our Little Treasures is licensed by the State of South Dakota. The state has detailed regulations governing staff qualifications, number of children per staff member (ratio), number of square feet of play space per child, discipline, equipment, nutrition, health records, emergency medical care, and fire safety. Our Little Treasures Daycare and Preschool program meets or exceeds each of the state’s requirements and is insured under Insureon and United States Liability Insurance Company.

Our childcare staff consists of adults with degrees in early childhood education, elementary education and child development, and/or years of preschool and daycare program experience. Upon hiring, a staff member has completed an application and interview process, which includes a review of the applicant’s past work history and reference check.  All of our staff is background and criminal history screened to check for any crime other than traffic violations. Prior child abuse or neglect is checked through a Protective Services screening and by asking directly on an employment application whether the potential employee has ever been accused of child abuse or neglect. No person with any history of abuse or neglect will be allowed to work with children. Staff members are also required to be First Aid/CPR certified, and trained in our methods of interacting with children, as well as the proper methods of cleaning and handling emergencies using universal precautions, before working with students.  



Each day Our Little Treasures offers your child a variety of appropriate developmental activities to stimulate an inquisitive mind, build self-esteem, compassion for others and a positive attitude towards learning. Our full day of care incorporates age-appropriate preschool curriculum with many other fun activities such as: 

--Large motor and creative movement activities

 --Bible stories


--Mealtime prayer

--Arts and crafts

--Music and Creative Movement


--Sensory Exploration and Therapy

--Field trips

--Group projects organized around a topic or concept

--Celebration of holidays and seasonal events

 --Exposure to different cultures and parts of the world

 --Best practice in kindergarten preparedness.



The following health care plan outlines all of our goals and policies regarding health, nutrition, cleanliness and infection control at Our Little Treasures.  Please note that staff members and volunteers adhere to the same illness policies that are outlined for students. 

 We know that, in order for students to function optimally and thrive at the childcare center, they need to feel well. Play is work for children, and the rigors of our every day schedule at our childcare center require optimal health and energy. The following goals and guidelines define what we consider being well in our care. When students do not meet these goals, we may become concerned about their well-being, and take action to ensure that their physical health needs are being met and that there are no health problems or illness arising. (See our illness policy below for more information.)

1. Student has a fairly regular and healthy appetite. 

2. Student seems emotionally well, and is alert and ready to participate.

 3. Student is symptom-free of illness such as fever, vomiting, etc.

4. Student is not in pain.

5. Student has received ample time to recover from an illness (such as a bacterial infection) with proper resting time and prescribed medication at home. If a student doesn’t meet our health goals, we become concerned and will inform parents or guardians. When health goals aren’t met, we also begin to assess children for illness or causes for their compromised well-being.  

Medicine Slips and Doctor’s Notes

With the exception of diaper cream, itch/first aid cream , a medicine permission slip (signed by a parent or guardian) must be used for any other topical or oral medicine that is to be given to children. Correct dosage, specific time to be given, and permission to administer the medicine must be given using the form. Our Little Treasures cannot administer medicine that is either mislabeled (not in its original container) or expired. Any child under 2 years of age will need a doctor’s note outlining specific dosage before the center is able to administer medicine. This includes over–the-counter medicines such as liquid ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Doctor’s Slips may also be required before a child can return to child care in the event of an illness. If your child has received any medication before starting their day at Our Little Treasures, please make teachers aware or mark their daily slip with the proper information. Receiving this information is imperative for caregivers in assessing a child’s well-being and providing them with quality care.  

Regarding Illness and Infection Control when a child exhibits any of the following symptoms, they do not enjoy being at the childcare facility and are most likely contagious to the other children. Please design some kind of backup plan when your child is ill and you can’t be absent from work (grandparents, neighbor, older teen, etc.) The center will notify parents if a child becomes ill and parents are expected to pick up the sick child immediately. When a child presents symptoms of illness, they will be detained in the office or designated sick area until a parent, guardian or authorized adult comes to pick them up. Because illness or injury needs to be addressed immediately, proper contact information is of utmost importance. Parents and guardians are expected to keep each enrolled student’s Child Information Record updated, and children are expected to be vaccinated. Failure to provide health information papers may result in disenrollment. 


Parents and guardians will be expected to keep a child at home if displaying any of the following symptoms: 

--Contagious skin rash

--Headache accompanied by fever

--Earache accompanied by fever

--Temperature at or above 100

--Excessive runny nose

--Nausea or vomiting

--Severe allergic reaction (presence of anaphylactic symptoms, etc.) or asthma

--Excessive eye irritation (red, watery, mattery, weepy, or pink eyes)


--Sore throat not caused by allergies

--Indication of head lice (scratching, nits, or louse)

--Open sores --Excessive coughing

--Symptoms of seizure

--Loss of consciousness

--Severe injury that prevents participation in daily normal activities (until mobility and comfort are assured and injuries are properly addressed). 


A child will be required to be picked up immediately --if fever, vomiting, diarrhea , and other symptoms of Illness are present. 


Fever, diarrhea and vomiting should be gone, without the use of medication, for one full attendance day (or 24hrs) before a child returns to the daycare. The child should be able to participate in all daycare activities. This means that a child who was with fever or above symptoms on a Monday will not return to school Tuesday and may only return the following day if all symptoms have been gone without medication for one full day. Children will also be required to be monitored at home if they have presented symptoms of a seizure, or have been administered medicine by an epi-pen. Child (ren) must remain symptom free and/or obtain a doctor’s note to ensure safe participation in childcare before returning. 

Antibiotics of any sort (if prescribed) should be taken/used for 24 hours, during a contagious illness, before returning to the daycare. A doctor’s note may be required to confirm that a child is no longer contagious after a viral or bacterial illness. Children with lice must be treated appropriately and kept home for daily "nit" removal for three days before returning.  After 3 days at home the child will be checked by a designated staff member for any incidence of nits or lice before returning to the classroom setting. Parents or guardians must wait for clearance while child is being examined. Any re-occurrence of nits or lice will require immediate pick-up from school and continued treatment.    In the event that a child is suspected to have a particular condition/illness or is being preventively treated for it, Our Little Treasure’s sick policy will default to the same procedures that outline how a confirmed case of that particular illness would be handled. For example, a child who has an unconfirmed or suspected case of Conjunctivitis (pink eye) that is being treated for the illness will be required to adhere to the same guidelines with which a confirmed case would be handled. 

If Our Little Treasures suspects that a child may have a contagious illness and recommends a doctor’s visit or diagnosis but parents or guardians choose not to seek medical advice, preventative measures and cautionary actions may be taken in accordance with our illness and infection control plan to prevent the further spread of a potential illness.  Pre-diagnosed illnesses such as asthma or epilepsy will require that parents inform the center clearly of the child’s symptoms and history, so that a health care plan may be established and followed routinely.  

Please do not allow your child to attend daycare if they have recently vomited, had incidence of diarrhea, a fever within 24 hours (or fever treated with medicine of any sort) or are otherwise unable to participate due to compromised health or energy level.  If a child tells a caregiver that they have been administered medicine or experienced any of the aforementioned symptoms, a parent or guardian may receive a phone call inquiring further about the child’s health.  Thank you for your assistance in following our health care plan with honesty and consistency. Your adherences to the policies ensure the health and well-being of everyone—including you and your family.  

Along with Nutrition and Family Style Eating, Our Little Treasures offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks for all children. All meals will be healthy and nutritious. A weekly menu will be posted, and is available on our website. Parents may choose to send snacks to share as long as foods are nutritious, peanut free and ready to eat. This means that items do not need to be prepared or heated.  Food items intended to stay at center for more than one day must be dated.   Meals are served in a “family style”, so that children can begin to learn to serve themselves and interact positively with peers and teachers at the table.


 Infant and Toddler Procedures                                                                                                                                                                            

Parents supply the center with bottles of breast milk or formula.     Empty and used bottles will be rinsed, and sent home upon request (other wise they are washed and sanitized daily at the center)  .  Parents may bring unopened labeled store-bought baby food for children eating solids.  Parents may also provide freshly prepared homemade foods in labeled containers daily.  All children’s items, including bottles, foods, and clothing must be labeled with child’s name. . Per State licensing requirements, infants through eleven months may not nap with blankets in cribs. Parents may choose to send a sleep sack. Alternate sleeping requests must be made by using a specific form authorized from the child’s physician. 


Rest Time and Items from Home                                                                                                                                                                  

Children in childcare for over four hours need to have a rest period. Parents shall provide a small sheet, blanket and stuffed animal/comfort item for their child to rest with.  Parents are responsible for laundering nap blankets each week and should take their child’s nap items home on the last day of the week.  All toys other than nap items should be left at home.  There are absolutely no weapons or toy weapons allowed.  Please do not send your child to school with items that are valuable or that may cause a distraction to the child or the child’s classmates. Please contact your teacher regarding appropriate sharing items and designated sharing times.  Our Little Treasures is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  


Proper Attire 

Children will participate in daily outdoor activities and must be dressed appropriately for daily outdoor play.   Parents and guardians are to provide proper snow gear in the winter months.  Contact will be made with parents or guardians if children are not dressed appropriately, or if children do not have the necessary clothing or foot wear for playing outdoors.  If this is the case, it may be required to either deliver necessary items of clothing or retrieve student until proper attire is acquired. All students’ items need to be labeled with his/her name and may be marked with permanent marker at school if they are not previously designated.  Our Little Treasures is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Sunscreen Policy

Parents or guardians are expected to apply sunscreen in the morning on their child(ren) before dropping him/her off during the summer months. Afternoon application of sunscreen will be provided by Our Little Treasures.  Parents and Guardians are to sign sunscreen permission slips for the application of sunscreen and will be required to provide an alternate brand if they do not prefer the brand of the center. 


Diapering Policies                                                                                                                                                                         

Children at Our Little Treasures are never left unattended while being diapered. Children are only to be diapered at labeled diapering stations.  Diapers and pull-ups must only be disposed of in proper receptacles. Step by step procedures are followed to ensure safety and sanitary conditions. These steps are posted in classrooms near diapering stations. If your child is currently wearing diapers or pull-ups, you will be expected to provide them on a regular basis.  Classrooms use “community” wipes located in wipe holders in all rooms and bathrooms, so parents will be asked to periodically bring in packs to be shared amongst all children. If a child has sensitivity to a certain brand or type of wipe, please inform your child’s teacher and provide them with their own labeled wipes. 


Our Little Treasures Changing Procedure:

1. Caregiver washes hands.

2. Caregiver secures child on designated changing table.

3. Caregiver uses gloves and wipes provided and places dirty diaper in diaper pail only.

4. Caregiver washes child’s hands.

5. Caregiver secures child on floor, in crib, etc.

6. Caregiver washes hands.

 7. Caregiver wipes down changing station with recommended bleach solution.

8. Caregiver washes hands. 


Potty-training and Restroom Use                                                                                                                                                        

Potty-training procedures vary from room to room but are consistent in method and child-led. Please read the provided materials from your child’s teacher to understand how and when pottying is handled in your child’s classroom. Children at Our Little Treasures are never forced to use the bathroom. All classrooms encourage self-help skills and proper hand washing. Children use age-appropriate facilities located in their classroom, or the closest to.  Adult facilities are located throughout the building and utilized by older school age children. Adults do not use the restroom facilities at the same time as children, nor are they alone in enclosed stalls/bathroom areas where doors may be shut.  Please remember to check your child’s cubby or coat racks for soiled items that may be tied up in plastic bags.   

Hand washing                                                                                                                                                                                        

Child and staff hands are washed with soap under running water upon arrival, before handling food, before and after meals, after toileting, coughing, sneezing, nose blowing, and at any other time as needed.  


Hand washing Procedure:

1. Turn on the water to a comfortable temperature between 60° and 120° F.

 2. Moisten hands with water and apply soap.

3. Rub hands vigorously until a soapy lather appears and continue for at least 20 seconds.

 4. Rub areas between fingers, around nails/under fingernails, jewelry, and the back of hands.

5. Rinse hands under running water until they are free of soap and dirt.  Leave the water running while drying hands. 

6. Dry hands with a clean, disposable paper.  Turn taps off with the paper towel.  

7. Dispose of the paper towel in a lined trash container. 


Universal Precautions Procedures                                                                                                                                                                                 

The following guidelines are used at Our Little Treasures when handling biohazardous materials (blood, urine, stool, or vomit): 

 Children are removed from area containing hazard. Area is covered with paper towel and isolated.

  Workers use gloves, and face mask, if necessary.

  For any mess containing blood, urine, stool or vomit, DISPOSABLE MATERIALS (paper towel) must be    used to remove as much of biohazard as possible before proceeding to next step.

  Soiled paper towels are disposed of and area is cleansed with more paper towels and soapy water.

 Area is sprayed with sanitizer.  Sanitizer is allowed to disinfect area thoroughly before being removed or dried with additional paper towels.

  Gloves are removed and disposed of, and hands are thoroughly washed. Heavily soiled garbage is double bagged. Garbage is removed from center immediately and taken to outside dumpster.

  Staff/children/parents will be informed if area is deemed unusable or further steps must be taken. 


Cleaning and Sanitizing of Toys and Personal Items                                                                                                                                                             

Toys, equipment, and surfaces in each classroom and common areas are cleaned and sanitized regularly as needed.   Soiled items children chew are placed in a bin immediately after being soiled or put into a child’s mouth (baby items).  Toys are run through the sanitizer, or dishwasher that has a sanitizing cycle, regularly. Toys played with by older children are sanitized as they become soiled or earlier if staff feels it is necessary (due to illness, older children who are still oral). Sleeping Mats are used by one child only, and are sprayed with sanitizer between uses for different children.  Sleeping mats are also sprayed weekly with Lysol disinfectant. Nap items are stored in a plastic bag and placed in each childs locker or cubby.  Nap items are not stored where they can touch another child’s items.  


Cleaning and Sanitizing of Tables, Chairs, Play Equipment and Facility                                                                                                                                                                                

Tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitized using a 3-step method before and after meals, and as needed throughout the day.  Larger equipment (such as indoor climbers, gym mats, and riding toys) will be cleaned and sanitized by hand as needed. Our center is cleaned each evening and all restroom facilities and sinks are sanitized daily or as needed. Floors are swept, mopped and vacuumed daily.   


The following steps are followed by our staff for cleaning and sanitizing (the “Three Step Method”):

1. Wash the surface or article vigorously with warm water and detergent (Our Little Treasures uses dish washing detergent).

2. Rinse the surface with clean water.

 3. Submerge, wipe, or spray the surface or the article with a sanitizing solution.

4. Let the article or surface air dry.  



 At Our Little Treasures, our discipline philosophy is one that combines modeling appropriate behavior along with the techniques used to teach children how to regulate their emotions and behaviors. “Conscious Discipline” method (Dr. Becky Bailey,, and Beyond consequences are a couple of resources used to teach self-regulation.  All childcare staff use disciplinary and guidance tools that promote an idea of patience and self-control, such as: 

•Redirection and tools from the “Conscious Discipline” model, and beyond consequences.

•Clear expectations that are communicated to children in an age-appropriate way.

•Positive guidance (Replacing the negative behavior with a positive direction, such as “Use your walking feet, please!” rather than “Don’t run!”) and the teaching of appropriate social behaviors.

•Thoughtful consideration about origins of negative behavior and methodical planning and strategy implementation to encourage desired behavior.

•Consistency in methodology and consequences.

•Self-evaluation as a teacher (understanding the teacher and classroom’s role in the appearance of an undesired behavior and what steps may be taken to address the issue.)

 •Careful assessment and recordkeeping of extreme or ongoing behavioral problems A child who poses a risk to themselves or another child may be separated from the group as needed, and children who are two years of age or older may “take a break” from activities to calm down and consider a plan for correcting behavior.  Under NO circumstances are children at Our Little Treasures disciplined with corporal punishment (physical), verbal abuse, humiliation or withholding of food or rest.  Please see the excerpt below from the State of South Dakotas Licensing Rules for Childcare Providers regarding forms of punishment that are prohibited by law. 

67:42:10:11. Standards for discipline.

Each center shall have a written policy on the discipline techniques to be used for a child in care. Discipline techniques used shall offer clear-cut limits with positive guidance and direction to help a child to develop self-control and respect for the rights of others. Discipline techniques must be appropriate to the child's age and developmental level. Discipline may not be delegated to older children or peers. Use of humiliating or frightening punishment such as the following are prohibited:

(1) Spanking, hitting, pinching, biting, shaking, or inflicting any other unusual physical punishment;

 (2) Verbal abuse, threats, or derogatory remarks about self or family;

 (3) Restriction of movement by binding or enclosure in a confined space such as a closet, locked room, box, or similar cubicle;

 (4) Punishment for lapses in toilet training;

file:///N|/Websites/NRCWebsite/STATES/SD/sd_centerComb.htm[12/28/2012 1:22:26 PM]

(5) Withholding or forcing of meals, snacks, or naps to correct behavior; and (6) Use of substances such as soap, pepper, or hot pepper sauce for punishment of undesirable behaviors.

Source: 7 SDR 66, 7 SDR 89, effective July 1, 1981; 31 SDR 40, effective September 29, 2004. General Authority: SDCL 26-6-16. Law Implemented: SDCL 26-6-16.


Handling Specific Behaviors

Young children who are learning how to function with their peers and manage their emotions have a variety of common, developmentally normal behavior problems.  Listed below are some of the most typical problems and how Our Little Treasures handles them: 



First and foremost, Our Little Treasures immediately treats a bite by focusing on and caring for the child who has been bitten. Any visible injury is always cleaned and assessed while comforting the child who has been hurt.  After the biting injury is handled, the behavior itself is then handled. This means helping the bite victim to use assertive language to the biter: “I didn’t like that!”

Biting can be motivated by different emotions and developmental stages. Younger children who are still teething and oral may bite in an exploratory manner. In these instances, Our Little Treasures offers appropriate chewing and oral stimulation items (such as icy teethers, crunchy food, etc.) and redirection along with the teaching of appropriate teeth use.  For the child who bites out of aggression or as an attention seeking behavior, the same techniques may be coupled with strategies for self-calming. A child who is repeatedly biting other children may be separated from the group for the safety of all students when issues occur, and parents of both the biting child and the bitten child(ren) will always be informed in a timely manner of incidents as well as how the situation was handled.  Depending on the age of the child, a behavior plan with both positive reinforcement and approved consequences may be used.  


Exclusion Due To Excessive Biting

A child who bites multiple times in a day will be sent home for the remainder of the day.  A child who bites, or attempts to bite, daily will be suspended from care for one week, during which time a half-rate tuition will be charged.  If the biting continues after returning, the child will be disenrolled from care for the remainder of the school year.  


Aggression and Bullying

When a child displays aggressive behaviors at Our Little Treasures, such as yelling, hitting, or any other form of destructive physical behavior, the first concern for staff is to discover what is motivating the aggression. Using Conscious Discipline methods, staff members will attempt to help a child recognize and label emotions and motivations for his or her behavior, and coach the child through conflict, enabling them to use other methods to resolve their problems in the future.  Clear expectations are given to children regarding appropriate physical and social behaviors, and the use of modeling/teaching appropriate social behaviors is also used.  Our Little Treasures is a bully-free zone. We encourage our students to treat each other with love and respect, and encourage/expect those same behaviors from their peers. Student –handled conflict resolution is considered optimal. If a behavior becomes a repeated concern, parents or guardians will be included in creating a behavior plan for the student. Our Little Treasures always includes parents or guardians in the development and implementation of strategies and behavior plans for their child. If a child’s behavior does not respond to these methods or it becomes apparent that a child's needs are not consistent with what our program offers, disenrollment may be considered. 


Exclusion Due To Excessive Aggressive or Disruptive Behavior

 A child who is aggressive toward teachers and other students, including hitting, kicking, throwing objects, slapping and spitting, will be sent home for the day.  If the behavior continues the next day, the child will be suspended from care for one week, during which time a half-rate tuition will be charged.     Children who are disruptive and/or oppositional to the point of hindering the learning, routine and overall environment of the classroom as well as children who compromise the safety and integrity of the program will be sent home for the day.  Continued disruptiveness will be cause for disenrollment.   



Upon enrollment, consent must be given for any child (ren) to take part in field trips or excursions away from the childcare facility, under proper supervision, by signing the Field Trip Permission form.  A field trip is considered any outing away from the childcare building.  Infants, toddlers and two year olds may ride in a stroller or buggy to “field trip” away from the building without prior notification and as part of their daily activities.  Two year olds through school age may walk to area parks, activities, businesses/events as “field trips” away from the building without prior notification and as part of their daily activities.  Three year olds, four year olds and school age children may ride a bus/van to and from local activities or events, but will do so only with prior notification.



 As a normal part of everyday activities in our program, your child(ren)’s learning and enjoyment are documented through digital photography and video taken by lead teachers and administrative staff.  As a school, we enjoy sharing these photos both through display at our facility, and online at our websites and Our Little Treasures public facebook page.  To be able to have a place for parents to see some of our daily activities, periodically, we will post pictures and/or videos on our Private (unsearchable and invite only) facebook page . Only parents and staff are included on this specific page.  Staff is never allowed to post pictures or use any photos for personal use.  Occasionally, Our Little Treasures submits photos of fun activities to the local newspaper, or uses particular photos in publications such as logos or brochures.  As a part of our policies contract (attached to enrollment form), parents sign a photography release form annually, which outlines basic photo permission as well as individual authorization for social networks and media submission Our Little Treasures will never distribute photos or misuse them in any way. Please share any questions or concerns you may have regarding this photography with your lead teacher or the office.  



In the event that an Our Little Treasure employee is hired independently by a parent to care for a child off premises or during nonbusiness hours, the center bears no responsibility for such an arrangement, and the parent or guardian will be doing so at his or her own risk. Soliciting employees for full time employment as nannies or home caregivers will be grounds for disenrollment.   



 In the interest of professionalism, parents are strongly advised against entering into social or dating relationships with employees, including those of an online nature. It should also be known that Our Little Treasures expects employees to communicate all information regarding students and our school using either a school email address or phone line here at Our Little Treasures  during business hours unless other arrangements must be made with lead teachers to relay important information about a student or family due to schedule conflicts.  At no time should an employee ever contact a parent or relay information via personal email address, or social networking sites such as Facebook, or Twitter.  Employees taking such action could be considered for dismissal.  For that reason, we ask that parents avoid interacting with employees in a social networking setting, and avoid seeking employees in such places to “message” or “friend request”.  This further reduces the likelihood of a misunderstanding and allows our employees to more easily follow Our Little Treasures networking policies, while protecting everyone’s privacy. Please inform the office if you are contacted inappropriately by a staff member at any time.  This policy also protects our staff members, and inappropriate contact that is initiated by a parent may be grounds for disenrollment. 




Creating quality, modern spaces for children to safely grow and learn in is a continued effort that requires many resources both labor and financially based. We deeply appreciate all donations made to our facility



The Our Little Treasures Daycare and Preschool Website is

Our Facebook page is located at 

We do not share photos without permission or personal information on our Facebook page. 




Upon enrollment at Our Little Treasures, we collect primary email addresses from all parents/guardians so that we may keep online communication open.  Our Little Treasures does not ever share email address or abuse them in any way.  Time-sensitive information will always be communicated via home or cell phone, and information papers may be sent in children’s cubbies as well.  Ways in which we will communicate with parents or guardians online include:

 Emails regarding tuition or account (statements are only printed by request)

  Important notifications about potential closings and schedule changes through email

  Information regarding students

  Information regarding center events and reminders 

Our Little Treasures checks emails frequently throughout the day and responds in a timely manner, but all emergency contact must be communicated through our phone line at  (605) 431-7677

Always feel free to address any questions, concerns or share ideas by email, phone or in person. 

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. 

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